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70 Different Types of Beds, Styles and Frames – The Ultimate List

Last Updated on January 10, 2024

Written by Olivera Jancikin

Did you know that there are at least eight different bed sizes and countless different types? That’s right – picking your bed might be a bit more challenging than you thought. And while you might have all figured out by now, knowing exactly what size you need, there are a lot of people out there who are particularly clueless of what a California King Size means when they read the description of the mattress they like online.

This is a piece geared towards those people. If you intend to purchase a mattress online, one of the challenges is to get the perfect fit without being able to try it physically.

That’s why you need to be perfectly well aware of the different sizes and the different types of beds. This would enable you to make informed decisions. So with this in mind, let’s have a look.

Different Types of Beds By Size

1 – Single

The single model is by far the smallest one, and it measures 36 x 75 inches. It’s geared towards furnishing a room for toddlers and for smaller children. You are likely to use it up until your kid hits high school time.

2 – Twin

Twin mattresses are slightly larger than the single one and the only difference hides within the width. It is three inches wider, coming ad 39 x 75 inches total size. It’s pretty much used for the same purposes as the single bed.

3 – Twin XL

Twin XL mattresses is slightly longer than the twin model. It comes with a length of 80 inches. It’s used to furnish children’s rooms and, due to the length, it’s usually good enough for a kid until after high school. It’s also one of the most common beds in dorms.

4 – Double

The double model measures 54 x 74 inches. It’s also a great choice for slightly larger kids’ rooms if you have just one child and you want to make sure that he or she has a bit more sleeping surface to rely on. They are a very popular choice.

5 – Full

This is one of those sizes which are duplicated in common slang because of the differences in UK and US standards. The double bed and the full bed are, in general, the same. The only difference is the actual name.

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6 – Queen

This is likely to be one of the most commonly used size by the majority of the customers. It measures 60 x 84 inches, and it sleeps two people normally. Now, you would be rather close to your partner, and the mattress needs to be splendid.

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7 – King

If you are looking for a couple’s bed, this is the size to go for. Measuring 76 x 80 inches, this is the perfect solution for sleeping with a partner. It brings the necessary distance, and you wouldn’t have to rely on the motionless mattress for comfort.

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8 – California King

California King bed is the biggest size on the market unless you decide to go for a custom solution. It measures 72 x 84 inches, and it’s intended for really big master bedrooms. It’s usually used by couples who expect a baby for the additional space.

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Unusual Types of Beds

All of the above were the commonly recognized options on the market in terms of sizing. Now, let’s break it up a notch and take a look at some of the most interesting options that you can actually purchase.

9 – Book Bed

This is a bed which is specifically intended to fix the space-related issues by Japanese families. When unfolded, this solution becomes a duvet with pillows, and it could be used as a regular bed. When you close it, your kids could use it as a playing mat.

10 – Rocking Bed

If you are a true fan of the rocking sensation, this is a bed that’s likely to appeal to you. It is based on a foundation of a rounded wooden structure which resembles the one of a rocking chair. As you push it front to back, the bed will start rocking.

11 – Vertical Bed

It’s no longer necessary for you to lie down in order to sleep. This particular unit encases you in a very tight marshmallow made of comfortable foam. It provides enough support for your body to be sustained in an upright position.

12 – Letto Zip

This particular bed would allow you to quickly zip up the mess which is left once you wake up. You can say goodbye to the tedious activity of making your bed in the morning. It’s also quite sleek if we have to be honest.

13 – Enignum Bed

The idea behind the bed is to both embrace and protect the sleeper. It resembles the creation of a personal environment far beyond the functionality. The bed is awesome in terms of appeal, and it is suited for larger bedrooms.

14 – Magnetic Floating Bed

This is a bed which takes advantage of permanent opposing magnets with industrial strength. This is what enables it to float. It could hold as much as 900 kilograms of weight which is quite significant. It looks tremendously high-tech.

15 – Concealed

This is something which combines a bed with a vault. On top, you have a convenient mattress while underneath, you have a queen sized, 10-gauge steel box which is fitted with 1/4 –inches thick hinged doors, each of which is 140 pounds.

16 – Sonic Bed

The sonic bed is built with as a portable unit which is designated to play music to soothe you into a deeper state of sleep. It’s an awesome option for those of you who prefer to fall asleep while there is music playing in the background.

17 – Wave Bed

If there’s one thing which impresses in this particular bed, it’s the design. The sides resemble waves, and there is a convenient wooden ladder placed in the middle which allows the access to the bed. It’s convenient because the area beneath it is still usable.

The Rest

18 – Double Decker

These are also commonly referred to as bunk beds. They are perfect for bedrooms which are actually shared by a few children. Usually, there is one bed which stands on top of the other, but as the time has passed, other variations are also available.

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19 – Bunk bed With Trundle

This is without a doubt the best when it comes to bunk beds. It features a traditional bunk style, but it also has a trundle. It could potentially sleep three people without making them share a single space. This is quite convenient.

20 – Canopy

These types of beds are particularly similar to the ones described as poster beds. However, the posts are actually connected with a canopy. You can drape it or leave it open based on your preferences. There are two different styles.

21 – Divan

These are usually preferred by people who are rather limited in terms of space. The majority of the models have drawers which are built into them to allow additional storage space. They have soft headboards and are also convenient for sitting.

22 – Murphy

The most characteristic feature of this bed is its ability to fold into the wall. These are beds which are made in a manner to be placed within your wall and, as such, they are considered the ultimate space savers.

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23 – Hanging

These are quite interesting. They are particularly unique. Even though they are not recommended for long-term usage, they could easily go into a villa. They are suspended from a ceiling, and they hang into thin air.

24 – L-Shaped Bunk

These bunks are rather similar to the traditional bunks. However, they are aligned with each other, and they formulate a convenient L-shape. This is a space-saving appeal and, at the same time, it is particularly convenient.

25 – Poster

Poster beds are built with four distinct and vertical columns where each one of those is placed in a separate corner. They could be of different shapes and forms, but the idea is that they bring a definitive and sturdy appeal to the bed. They are incredibly popular for people who have the luxury of owning larger bedrooms.

26 – Pencil Poster

This is a design which was particularly interesting back in the days. It was used throughout the 18th century, and it’s something that comes from New England. They feature four convenient posts, but they are rather thin. This is the main difference between the regular one and this.

27 – Low Poster

As you can suppose, the main difference between the regular poster bed and this one, in particular, is the fact that this one has lower posters. This is also why they are more common – they do not create that particularly bulky appeal. They are just a few inches regarding height, and they can be used with a range of tops.

28 – Half Poster

The half poster bed features for distinct posters. The ones on the front – where your feet rest, are particularly short. They are actually shorter than the low-poster bed. However, the ones at the headboard are as high as the regular sized poster bed. This is the main difference.

29 – Ottoman Bed

This is something particularly interesting and rather unique when it comes to design. Throughout the day, it could be used as a regular footrest. However, it unfolds into a single or a twin bed which is perfect for a sleepover.

30 – Contemporary Canopy

This is the modern canopy bed which is very thin in terms of frame design. They don’t have any serious decoration such as traditional ones. This makes it a lot easier to fit in with the décor that your room actually has.

31 – Traditional Canopy

These are usually rather flashy and particularly decorative. They are also featuring a range of different bulky posts and are usually made out of heavy wood which is connected to a foot and headboard, both of which are heavily decorated.

32 – Platform

The thing about these is that they completely take care of the bulky appeal of a bed of any kind. It features a sturdy platform which harbors the mattress, and it could withstand tremendous pressure. That’s pretty much everything you need to know.

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33 – Hammock

Hammocks need no explanation. These are suspended beds which are particularly convenient for recreational purposes. They are great when it comes to camping and are very commonly used in gardens and others of the kind.

34 – Folding

A folding bed is one which is going to conveniently fold into something rather inconsiderable. This is fairly convenient, especially given the fact that there are a lot of people who experience issues with finding enough space for furniture.

35 – Loft Bunk

The loft bunk is a solution for those of you who could truly use the extra space in the bottom of the bed. It is usually used in a smaller room where you need to fit a bed and a desk for your kid to work on. This is quite important.

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36 – Sleigh

These look like a sleigh, and that’s pretty much everything that could be said about them. The beds are very trendy and appealing, and they are definitely something that could compliment a range of different designs.

37 – Twin Over Full Bunk

This is another interesting bundle. The bottom bed is a regular full bed while the one above it is a twin-sized. It is interesting in terms of appeal, and it is great if you have two kids with one of them being slightly older than the other.

38 – Trundle

These are popular in kid’s furnishing. The reason is that they are actually combining two beds in one. They are folded compactly one under another, and they are unfolded before bedtime. Throughout the day, they only take the space for one bed.

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39 – Panel

Panel beds feature characteristics which are rather hard to miss. You will see that they are made of decorated panels which could be upholstered or painted as you find fit.

40 – Cabin

These are usually part of the bunk bed family, but there are quite a lot of bells and whistles which make them particularly convenient for the kid’s bedroom. There is a tremendous variety of different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from.

41 – Cot

These are particularly handy and are true lifesavers when you have unexpected guests staying overnight. They are portable, and they could be easily stored when you are not using them. When you need it, just fold it away.

42 – Half Tester

These are actually quite close to the poster bed design, but they have very low feet. They are commonly seen in homes which are rather old as they were very fashionable back in the days. However, they are particularly elegant as well.

43 – Storage

These are just regular beds which have serious space saving capacities. This is something important when you have limited space in your home where you can put a range of different things. It could be very handy.

44 – Air

These are not air mattresses, and it’s important not to get them confused. These are rather permanent, and they are only designed for home usage. They can be found in pull-out couches or just as regular beds.

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45 – Water

These are still used by quite a few people today. The characteristic thing here is that they are filled with water. They were used for therapies, but some people actually find them very appealing and could be used domestically as well.

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46 – Upholstered

Upholstered beds are particularly popular throughout the last few years. They feature stunning headboards which are particularly soft. This is what makes sitting in the bed very comfortable. This is something that a lot of people look forward to.

47 – Sofa

Sofa beds are rather similar to futons. They are actually built inside of a regular couch, and you can pull them out when and if the need strikes. This is quite important and it could come really handy from time to time.

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48 – Lighted

Lighted beds are very commonly used throughout the last few years. This is mainly because they feature convenient LED lights in the headboard. They are capable of being a convenient design element that you can use in your bedroom. That’s actually the main designation.

49 – Deluxe Couch Bed

This is far more than just a couch which will pull out into a bed. It is a specific furniture piece which could easily turn into an actual bunk bed. That’s right – imagine a couch which unfolds into two separate bunk beds. How awesome is that!

50 – Day

Day beds are capable of serving a range of different purposes. They could be used to sit, sleep or lounge. They are usually used in guest rooms as they can serve a range of different requirements. They could also be made to fit a lot of different designs.

51 – Adjustable

These are beds which are capable of being adjusted in a range of different positions. This is intended to deliver the support as well as the comfort that you may need. You will be able to raise the head as well as the feet of the bed.

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52 – Modern

Modern bed styles are rather sleek and simple. That’s exactly where the beauty lies. There is nothing excessive when it comes to it, and that’s why they are so preferred and desired. This is something that you would want to consider.

53 – Cottage

These are very old-fashioned styles which come with very fancy and interesting headboards which usually come with different carvings. However, they are actually known for their painted decorations.

54 – Mission

These are unique in terms of design. The features would usually focus on both straight horizontal and vertical line. These are incredibly up to date and would provide you with a rather sleek and interesting appeal.

55 – Traditional

These are traditional and come with regular features which were used a long time ago. This could be half-testers, canopies or a range of other styles, all of which were actually used a long time ago. This is something interesting and could be used in contemporary bedrooms.

56 – Country

Country style beds actually bring a particularly rustic appeal to them. They are usually created out of wood, and they have a flat headboard. They could also be made to appeal paneling, and they could also feature posts. They could also be made of wooden logs for additional accent.

57 – Retro

The retro style bed is actually a combination of a few different things. It features a lot of old fashioned details and some interesting vintage designs. However, they are also going to remain moderately modern, which is something to consider.

58 – Rustic

If you would like the outdoor appeal, you would definitely fall in love with the rustic style. It is something particularly resembling the country look. However, there are absolutely no modern features which are attributed to it.

59 – French

French style beds are actually quite elegant. These feature romantic headboards, and sometimes they come with certain foot boards. They are resembling upholstered ones but are also quite characteristic which sets them apart.

60 – Mid-Century

This is a style which incorporates the features which were traditional for the 1900s. They are usually made out of wood and would provide your entire bedroom with a rather vintage appeal. This is something which appeals to quite a lot of different people.

61 – Metal

Metal-based beds are quite common, and they are fairly affordable. While they don’t bring the pizazz of the wooden frame, they are very easy to move around and are particularly light in terms of weight. This is definitely something formidable.

62 – Wood

Given the fact that wood is traditionally one of the oldest materials used by builders, it’s no surprise that it’s carved, painted and cut in a manner to make a beautiful piece. This is why it’s the most common material used for bed frames.

63 – Woven

This is actually the fancy term for the fairly famous wicker. This type of furniture is incredibly old-fashioned. However, it’s being used a lot more recently in homes which are intended for rest and recreation. It’s fairly authentic, and it looks good.

64 – Brass

When used right, brass is actually particularly elegant. It also brings a very sleek old-fashioned appeal which is cherished by many. These frames could come in a range of different styles, regardless of whether you look forward to a sleek and old-fashioned appeal.

65 – Futon

This is definitely the best solution for small spaces. These beds are basically a bed and a couch in one. When you don’t need one of them – you can conveniently rely on the other. There is a tremendous variety of these.

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66 – Ornate

These are definitely far more than beautiful. They usually come with an enormous amount of exquisite details and are designed to add a touch of convenience and luxury to any given bedroom. The frames are what make the bed special.

67 – Wrought Iron

This is something incredibly durable. It brings a serious vintage appeal. They could come with scroll work in the head, and they could also have foot boards. They are made of a material which is quite heavy, but it is incredibly reliable.

68 – Bookcase

These are pretty much the way they sound. The bed frames come with convenient bookshelves which are placed in the headboard. They are perfect for the frequent reader and for those who need the tiny bit of additional shelf space for other personal items. This is quite convenient.

69 – Distressed

Distressed beds look incredibly vintage. That’s their main intention. They are supposed to look like they have certain flaws and imperfections within them. It is like they are taken out of a home which was fashionable back in the 1950s. This is what makes them incredibly interesting.

70 – Futon Bunk

Futon bunks are undoubtedly interesting. They feature a futon which is placed below a bed on top of it. You can combine it with a regular futon if you want to bring even more sleeping space in the room. This is quite convenient.

And, since we appreciate you reading through this, we will throw one extra type of bed:

71 – The Floor!

Throw a rug and a pillow, grab a blanket and get comfy. That’s as easy as it gets, doesn’t it? We kid, of course. Sleeping on the floor should only happen on parties!


These are the predominant types of beds which are out there. Of course, you don’t need to know all of them, but it’s definitely beneficial to be aware that there is a tremendous amount of choice. This is something that could help you out when you’re furnishing your bedroom.

We hope that you found this piece quite informational and that you wouldn’t have any challenge picking up the bed that would suit your preference and taste.

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